I'm Abhishek

I'm Abhishek

I'm Abhishek

Hey there! I am a product designer passionate about creating memorable and aesthetically pleasing products for users.

I have a unique blend of technical and creative skills; thanks to two masters degree's; one in Industrial Design and another in Human-Computer Interaction. I enjoy problem solving and thinking outside the box to implement innovative solutions that are functional and instill a sense of delight in the end users. My pursuit has always been rooted in a curiosity for creating more dynamic and enjoyable experiences. At the heart of my work lies motion—employing movement to make user interactions more engaging and fulfilling. It’s not just about bringing a product to life, but ensuring that it communicates, interacts, and engages in a manner that resonates with the user.

Away from my design practice, creativity still holds a vital place in my life. In these moments, I’m either behind a camera lens, capturing the world in unique light and long exposure photography, or I’m in the kitchen, conjuring up delicious meals and crafting original cocktails. These pursuits not only satisfy my creative cravings but also give me new perspectives that feed back into my design thinking. 

I am a designer who believes in the power of dynamic and fun experiences, with an unceasing passion for the art of creation, across all spheres of my life. I am an advocate for open source software and in my spare time, I like to build things that help other designers like me build things.


Interaction Designer

GE Appliances, Louisville KY

Graphic Designer

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA


Masters in Human Computer Interaction

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Masters in Industrial Design

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

NIT Trichy, India