Website Roadmap

This website is in a constant state of change. There is always a strive towards perfection and the site can never be billed as a finished piece as it evolves and changes along with the way I work and think.

The roadmap here is a general guide to this website's journey and the stages in its construction.


Phase 1

Initial Groundwork
Under Construction
New Landing Page
Archive Section
Build a page to show the under construction status of the website. This page will replace the old home screen
Build a revamped Landing Page to express my growth as a designer
Add an archive section to move and house older projects.
Chart the roadmap for the website. Lay out the goals for the growth and evolution of the website.
In Progress

Phase 2

Basic Website
Publish the website
Add Starter Projects
Build an About Me Section
Add some fun nuggets of interaction
Build a new cursor style that responds to hover and normal states. Add nuggets of interactions to content on the landing to help build immersion.
Design and exhibit completed/ongoing projects on the Landing Page
Build a section to showcase some perosnality and talk about what I do outside work. Link resume to this section.
As the title says. Publish the basic version of the website. (Still in beta)

Phase 3

Add Additional Content
Photography Section
Experiments Section
Add more projects
Design and add a section to showcase my photography. Add sections for food and lightpainting photography.
Add a section to house my thoughts and design experiments.
Include additional projects from school to showcase different aspects of my design ability.

Phase 4

Clean Up
404 Page
Optimize Performance
Redesign a 404 Page to better reflect the sytle of the website.
Optimize performance for multiple devices and internet speeds by emplying better code structure and smaller image sizes.
Add the ability to view the contents of the website on tablets and mobile devices.

Phase 5

The Future
Update Projects
Improve Accessibilty
Additional Interactions
Dynamic Content
Keep the projects updated and add new ones as necessary.
Improving the accessibilty of the website by conducting an audit throughout the site.
Build more interactions and have better user engagement with the website.
Have content be more dynamic. Involves having the user control how content appears and what they see.