"A redesign of the MARTA On The Go App, offering a different take on how MARTA does things right now"
UX Research, UI Design, Fixing MARTA


MARTA has been in Atlanta for the past 50 years, and it shows. Despite technology having advanced, the ecosystem of MARTA hasn't caught up to theses advances. How can I think of a solution to improve the user experience of the MARTA On The Go App ?

Studying Users


To better understand the problem and to gain an understanding of the experience of the service from other users I quickly conducted an interview with a regular MARTA user and noted down their key points

From the interview sights and my personal experience I charted out the journey of a MARTA user who wanted to take the MARTA train

Journey Map

Pain Points

Several pain points were identifying from the interview, the journey map and through my personal experience. These were the key point that were used as the basis to build upon the app

Information Architecture

Information Sorting

To have a better understanding of what I needed in the app, I split the various needs into different categories and organized information under that needed to be displayed. The Home screen has information of the hugest priority and most frequent usage while the menu screen the opposite

Information Flow

A working flow was required to help structure the content and how the user moved to different sections


With initial prototyping, I wanted to focus on the quick delivery of information. So on the home screen there is an overview of trains and buses nearby and an overview of the balance in the Breeze Card. The other screens show other functions related to each of the aforementioned options. The app lacks a streetcar section as the Atlanta Streetcar app and tracker was discontinued by MARTA.