Iris : Smart Router

Iris : Smart Router

"How can we get people to realize threats surrounding them online and how do we get them to act upon these intrusions?"
UX Designer, Product Designer, Blocklist Connosieur


Cybersecurity is a term which people don't understand quite well. With millions of new devices being added into homes and the risk of data breaches increasing everyday, how can I design a system to help an everyday internet user to know the impact of their browsing?

User Research


Key Insights

I conducted a semi-structured interview with three participants to understand the users perceptions on general internet usage, cyber security and safe internet practices and usage of WiFi routers. The following were the main takeaways from the interviews.

After understanding the feelings of the users towards how they use internet today, I arrived at some key design insights which formed the basis of my design decisions moving forward.

Information Architecture

App Information Flow

At this point I split up my approach to this problem. Internet security was to be done through two different interfaces, a device which would block and notify you of threats and a hub to control the actions of the device. Based on current usage, an app was the best direction to go towards to control a new breed of smart WiFi router. Each device had different information that had to be conveyed to the users.

With the information groups set up, the information flow was set up for the app and the physical device

From user interviews, people didn't interact with their router other than to check if internet works. This prompted a small set of interactions for the router to make people perform some basic interactions with the device while keeping contact minimal.

Device Interaction Flow



The information flow was laid out visually with pen and paper for quick iterations

Initial versions of the physical form of the router were sketches and the final iteration was modeled in CAD


Product Sketches

User Testing

Task List

With the prototype ready, a set of tasks were to be performed by users to gain an understanding of the navigation of the app and to see if there were any major issues

User Feedback


Final Design

Mobile App

After integrating the users feedback, a final finished prototype was created

Physical Product