Airbnb x Converse

Airbnb x Converse

"In an age of dominated by the screen, how can we integrate solutions from along existing brand with today’s leaders and create an experience for a user that is meaningful?"
UI Design, Brainstorming, Photography


We wanted to combine the power of two brands, Airbnb and Converse and leverage it into a solution that could benefit both the companies as well as provide a novel experience for their user base.


Brand Analysis

Our first step in this process was to analyze the structure of both companies. Through a we analysed the key value proposition for each of the companies.

User Targets

We identified three targets that played well into each company's brand and ethos and we used these to decide the design decisions made moving forward



With our three brainstormed ideas, we decided to take the general route of the Personalized Journey option.

User Journey


Using our user journey map as a base, we worked on two wireframes, one for an app based workflow and one for a web based workflow. Due to time constraints and an assumption that most of the traffic would come from the Airbnb site, we decided to focus our efforts on the Airbnb ecosystem and its integration.

I focused on primarily on the app workflow. We decided to split the booking workflow onto the desktop version and the the post check-in and navigation on the app. We took this approach as people used Airbnb on their computers a lot more while booking but did not have them on hand while travelling.